Named after seawater, aquamarine’s fresh watery hue is a cool plunge into a refreshing pool.

Named for the waters of Antiquity, aquamarine exerts a powerful allure. It draws its strength from the popularity of its pale blue hue, similar to the clear sky on a summer day. March’s birthstone promotes calm, spirituality, and mental clarity. Aquamarine celebrates the 16th and 19th wedding anniversaries.


Aquamarine is rated “good” for everyday wear. Avoid exposure to heat, contact with chemicals, and protect from scratches and harsh blows. To clean, gently scrub with a soft toothbrush and a solution of mild dish soap and warm water.

Major Sources

Afganistan, Africa, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, South America


Imagine a dip in a crystal blue mountain lake - the morning air crisp and expectant, the sky soaring high and cloudless overhead. This is the unique refreshment of Aquamarine.

The name means “ocean water,” and tales of Aquamarine date back to ancient seafaring days. Sailors of old believed that these glittering, watery gems came from the treasure chests of mermaids. Perhaps it’s no wonder that Aquamarine is said to bring luck to all who sail the seas. Aquamarine also promises love, health and youthful energy to those who wear it.

Modern-day etiquette suggests Aquamarine as the gem of choice to celebrate March birthdays and the 16th and 19th anniversaries. As most Americans choose blue as a favorite color, Aquamarine’s powdery hue is a perfect gem for blue lovers. While Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family, a cousin to Emerald and Morganite, its color is more pure and its attributes less brittle than Emerald, making it a desirable gem for special occasion wear.

Mined in South America, we cut our Aquamarine specifically to meet your exacting standards. Other sources for this brilliant Beryl include Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Russia, Africa and China. Whatever the reason for purchase, Aquamarine is a fabulous fashion choice.