7 Days 7 Ways


Day 1: Pairie's Charlotte Roses Necklace, Kate Spade Banana Coin purse, Sonix Fruity phone case, Patricia Chang's Donut Purse, Loeffler Slides. 

Pairie Jewelries are much more versatile than you think, and the 7-days accessory experiment serves as proof. Over the course of a week during the hot steaming summer, I decided to do in 7 days and 7 easy master ways, incorporating with different fun accessories. Hope you will find it fun and inspiring! 


Day 2: Pairie Vintage Navajo Drop Earrings, Pairie Vintage Kari Bracelet, Rachel Zoe Slides, Ban.do Large Agenda, Kate Spade Bikini top, Yves Saint Laurent Chain Wallet, Elizabeth and James Sunglasses. 
Day 3: Rosa Moschata Pearl Long NecklaceSakura Cuff Bangle, Patricia Chang Burger Bag, Baby Aveeno 55 Spf, Kate Spade Banana Coin Purse. 
Day 4: Floralglass Crystal Necklace, Crystal Sparkling Hoops Earrings, L'agence Perfect Fit Shorts, Furla Card Case, Hat Attach Patched up Clutch, and Gentle Monster Sunglasses. 
Day 5: Sakura Cuff Bangle, Floral Petals Collar Necklace, Marc Jacob makeup pouch, Saskia Pom Pom Lace Up Sandals, and Wildfox Catfarer Sunglasses.
Day 6: Pearl Cedars of Wreaths Stud Earrings, Juliette Belt Crystal Bangle, Palm Rose Necklace, Kate Spade Ice Cream Coin Purse, Wildfox Catfarer Sunglasses, BCBG Sandals and  Thomas Peterson C Sleeping Mask.
Day 7: Congo Peafowl Necklace, Gentle Monster Sunglasses, Kate Spade Ice Cream Coin Purse, Book with Style Coco Chanel, Yeast Saint Laurent Wallet, and Kate Spade Pineapple flip-flops. 
Thank you so much for continuing support Pairie's jewelry and reading our blog. Have a wonderful and beautiful weekend everyone! 
Love, xoxo

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