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PAIRIE Mission Statement

As a lover of fine and dedicate designs, we enjoy exploring different styles from wardrobe to interior design to inspire our daily life. We believe in acting ethically and challenging the status quote for everything we do. The way we challenge the status quote is by making our product beautifully designed, sustainable material sourcing, affordable pricing, meaningful giving, and customized options to choose. We just happen to make beautiful jewelry.

"I'm not surprised to see these beautiful pieces and exciting website. Shiina always had an eye for details, especially accessories. mixed with her energy and drive i have confidence her line will be a tremendous success. Her start is shooting up!!!"

Grace from Chanel Inc

"Shop with confidence. PAIRIE's jewelry is beautiful as it matched the detailed photo and description. I selected earrings to add a finishing touch to an evening dress, it added the right amount of sparkle without over-powering."

Alicia from Chanel Inc

"A piece of jewelry is a piece of art. Do you want to be a traditionalist or a modernist today? I like contemporary simplicity with added sparkle! In the mornings I enjoy having a creative mind, picking up one or two pieces of jewelry from Pairie’s collection to match my outfit."

Winnie, award winning musician

"I start with two things as my daily routine: coffee and PAIRIE jewelry. You would never go wrong with a LBD and PAIRIE earrings. My go-to outfit: stilettos and PAIRIE."

Anastasia, former J Crew senior merchant

Planet Meets Lightning Bolt Earring

The design of planet meets lighting bolt is inspired by our courage and strength to overcome challenges from uncertain and fearful COVID-19. A tribute to those people who are on the front line of protecting numerous lives from pandemic.